Disney Infinity

A few things to know about Disney Infinity.

I have to say when I saw DI at E3 I was really excited!! I still am of course! Logging in so many hours on a game is a rare thing for me as of late. But for anyone getting ready to buy it or is on the fence about it… there are a few things you need to take into consideration before your purchase!

1. The starter kit
The DI starter kit comes with the play plate, three characters (Sully, Mr. Incredible and Cpt Jack Sparrow). If you are planning to go it alone (Single Player) then this is obviously the way to start. * Keep your card with the code on it that comes inside the box. This will unlock the characters for gameplay on a PC/Mac or iPad (Coming soon).

2. Co-op
If you are planning to co-op then there will be additional purchases required. You must have two characters from a set if you are going to be doing the campaign. So if you have Sully, You need either Mike or Randy to play co op. *Toybox mode does not require the same set characters to play.

3. Power Disks
Those mysterious little bags that come with two disks are actually quite helpful. At 5 bucks a bag you can easily rack up quite a bill trying to get them all. These are actually pretty neat for in game play though. You can change the atmosphere of the toy box, add power ups to your campaign or special vehicles you can drive around.

4. Sets
In each story i.e Monsters University, Incredibles, Pirates… You need to have each character from that specific set to unlock the Vault. The vault is something that you can open to unlock a huge set for the toybox! This will come in handy when you are in the toybox trying to build something awesome!

5. Toybox
I recommend not even going into the toybox until you have completed some of the campaign stories. You will not have very many items to use and its not a very fun experience if you cannot even build anything.

Of course there is a ton more involved in this game and I haven’t even been able to play all of it. The world is huge, each story is fun and entertaining. Ill be posting more after I have played all of the stories. I have completed Monsters U, Incredibles, Lone Ranger (Thanks Dalton for the wedding gift) and currently working on Pirates and Cars.

Next month they are releasing a new set of stories and I cannot wait!!

What do you think of DI?


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