I have the messiest kids on the planet!


Ok, to start out, I really hate blabbing negative shit! Why cant life just be peaches n’ cream and like hippies running naked through a field picking tulips? I would like to think I am an easy going person. Shit, half the time I keep my nose out of other peoples shit and I don’t like to judge anyone. After all, who am I to point a finger at anyone? I am laid back, I thrive in chaos and detest drama! I clean up after myself and I am a Nazi when it comes to my house being cleaned.

With that being said… why is it that I have given birth to 5 of the messiest children on the planet? My mother likes to attribute their “issues” to learned behavior? HA! I’m sorry, I do not throw my trash where ever it may fall in the house. I do not pretend to take the trash out and then secretly throw it under the stairs out side. I do not wipe boogers on the walls. I certainly do not throw away dishes or silverware just because I do not feel like washing it. Yes, This is a daily issue. I do not break my Xbox or leave my controllers on the floor to be stepped on. I do not leave my games and dvd’ on the floor either. I do not pee all over the bathroom or in my bed, or even on my bedroom floor. I don’t get shit on my hands and then wipe it on the bathroom wall either. I don’t get into my tampons and soak them in water to use them as weapons to throw at people or stick to the bathroom mirrors. I don’t pretend to clean and shove things under the couch instead. I don’t draw on the walls or hang on the doors until they come off the hinges. I don’t re-wash the same load of laundry 10 times just to pretend I’m doing something.

I have been a stay at home mom for a better part of 13 years. It wasn’t until the last year that I started working full time. I have gone to parenting classes, therapy, counselors and more. Yet, it would seem that none of this is helping at all. As my kids get older it just gets worse… I have spanked them, grounded them, took their things away and made them clean instead of going outside to play. I have paid thousands of dollars in damages for cut window blinds, broken windows, holes in doors, painting, and ruined carpet.

Every year at income tax time I spend about 3 grand in new bedding, mattresses, beds, vacuum cleaners, etc.. because they don’t take care of anything. It is like night and day if you were to compare my bedroom with he rest of the house. This year I bought a vacuum cleaner and one of them broke it day 2. I then got another one and within a week they broke that one as well. Now, I am on my 4th vacuum for 2013. I have also purchased two carpet shampooers because they broke the first one.

I really don’t mind clutter. I am not looking for my house to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens. But sweet baby Jesus!!!! Can’t we all just pick up after ourselves and take care of our own belongings? I have been unemployed since September and I don’t have the money to replace anything. I have 2 bowls, 1 spoon, a few forks, 4 plates and about 3 cups left in my kitchen.

I don’t think I need to stand there in whatever room of the house and direct people on what they need to do. Each child has 1 chore they are responsible for. If that chore isn’t complete, then they are the one whos in trouble. Seems simple enough right? WRONG!!! I have about 10 baskets of laundry still sitting here because of repeat laundry washings and after I fold, they throw them back in the dirty clothes instead of putting them away…

I REFUSE to clean up after everyone all the time. We have a big family and everyone should do their part!! How am I supposed to work and pick up after everyone 24/7??? The short answer is I’m not going to do it! I HAVE to work so they need to step it up… right?


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