The T-Virus


I should be asleep! I should be ignoring the world around me and getting some much needed rest! Having 5 kids has become a plague when anyone gets sick. Its a catastrophic outbreak when the slightest form of cold/flu rears its ugly head..

After the kids went back to school from winter break, i noticed that one of them had the sniffles. It turned into a cough and headache. I gave him medicine, but by that time it has already mutated into some kind of lethal airborne terrorist attack inside the walls of my home.

Slowly, all the kids started sneezing, coughing and spreading germs around the house. Bella woke up yesterday and had a fever. I gave her some kids tylenol and bought her some gatoraid to keep her hydrated. The kids came home from school sounding like a pack of seals at the beach. I decided to let them stay home today.

All night I was tossing and turning with a sore throat and drainage! Today I woke up around 8am and called the schools to let them know the kids would not be in attendance today. I fell like crap! I took some NyQuil and hopefully I can pass out again soon!

Im supposed to be writing my character backstories today but I honestly don’t think I can! I have a few completed but I still have about 4 more people to write. I also need to find someone to edit (once i get that far) and I need someone who can sketch out my characters for me. I can draw, but sometimes its nicer when someone else does it for you. I want to see if what I wrote was descriptive enough to draw an image in someones mind.

I am so excited to write this novel! Its an idea I have had for years! Hopefully I can get over this cold asap and get back to my story!


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