Yes! I am writing a novel!


What does it take to complete a novel? I really have no fucking clue. I don’t think anyone actually reads my blogs anyways. I mean… really, what important things do I have to say? Im not up and up on all the video gaming news. Hell, I don’t even know whats going on outside my bubble of games, kids, husband and trying to find a job. Yes, I am still unemployed… I sit here and rant about things I don’t like, or times in my life that are difficult. I really don’t share all the much anyways. Realistically though, what reason does anyone have to want to read my blog? To that question I have no answer. Its really just a place for me to hoot and holler about what I know and hope that someone reads it and finds something useful out of it.

Back to the topic at hand, I am writing a novel. I’ve wanted to write for a really long time but I always thought I wasn’t cool enough or talented enough to do so. Shit, I know HOW to write a novel… I just psyched myself out every time I would try to start one. This time I am 100% serious and have already started the process. I have my setting, characters, plot, three acts and working on the synopsis as we speak. Next is the scenes and then working each scene into one cohesive story. Personally I think my plot is AWESOME! But, thats just my opinion! Who knows what will happen. Maybe I will be an amazing writer… I do know that I am entitled to write a really shitty first draft. Who doesn’t write a shitty first draft?

Anyways, I sit here freshly showered and in my Dr. Seuss pajama’s ready to take on the world that I created in my head. One step at a time.


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