My internal clock is damaged!


Boy, Its almost 3:30 am and I have been sitting at my desk for the better part of 8 hours building my book. See, today I had an epiphany and decided to rewrite my plot, three act structure and my synopsis. I didn’t actually rewrite my synopsis. I kind of just started writing after I had the plot and three act structure down. I have pretty much scened out 4 pages. So far, I am really liking this way a lot better than my first try. Im just letting the writing take me where it wants to go. After I write about 4 pages, I go back and write more of the synopsis and then lather, rinse repeat. Im not being too detailed and not very descriptive. Im definitely “telling” and not “showing”. But for me, this process has been very fruitful. I think I will continue this way until i have some kind of completed scene list. After that its filling in all the blanks and making it come alive. I really have enjoyed this experience thus far and can’t wait to write more tomorrow.

Actually, I don’t want to stop now… but if I don’t… my kids will probably eat the cat before I wake up tomorrow 😦


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