Steak and Lettuce and Avocado. Oh my!

Tonight I made a yummy steak! Super simple and super fast. All I did was get two steaks, rub them with some EVOO and then rubbed them again with the Caveman Rub found on the Caveman App. I grilled them in my George Forman Grill for 10 min (because I like well done). I put them on top of a bed of lettuce and then added some avocado on top with a little dab of this organic butter stuff I found at my local supermarket and then sprinkled some organic cheese crumbs mixed with sun dried tomatoes and basil on top of that. I know the pic looks like a lot of cheese but its just on top of the avocado. I also paired it with a nice merlot… mmmmmmm


So freaking good!!! Rob ate his all (he eats too fast). I couldn’t finish mine. I started to get full and I don’t want to eat till I explode!

Anyways, thats the food tid bit for this evening. Hope you all have a great weekend and many wonderful cooking adventures!



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