Tooth Pain is the Worst Pain!


Yes, this is my mouth on a pretty constant basis. I have had 1 root canal finished to find out I need another. I cannot afford the second one so I am having to get it extracted. Not a fun thing to learn at all. Im not going to ramble on about the fucked up health care system we have in the U.S. or why everything is so Damn expensive… Im just going to state that me, myself and I cannot afford said procedures and leave it at that.

Two days ago I started having severe tooth pain again! I went to the local Urgent Care and got some anti biotics and pain medication. I am hoping that the pain goes away soon! It is still waking me up in the morning and it feels like I’m being electrocuted in my mouth! How awesome is that!?!? It really makes me sad because I haven’t been able to eat all the Paleo things that I have had planned for myself (being as I can’t really chew anything) and because I have been eating this way for the past two weeks… I put back on the weight I lost from being on the healthy track. Total body health is very important, more important than I ever realized. When one part doesn’t function properly, it tends to fuck up all the other aspects of your body.

So, Heres to me getting this tooth pulled in a fashionable timeframe and having the money to do it! (Still saving some) or I might have to hit up a bank, or steal kids lunch money… i haven’t decided yet!


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