Its been a hot minute!

So I know its been a while since I blogged anything. I didn’t want to be posting the same meals I eat all the time and I really didn’t have any thing to talk about lately. Let me recap the last… however long its been, because I was too lazy to check… weeks? Months? Who knows.

The kids have been doing well. I have to say that the younger ones are really great at helping out around the house and not talking back so much. My oldest however seems to have quite the mouth on him. His grades need to improve though. I started making new rules around the house and those are not going over too well either. Having to do homework in the living room is one of them, and he hates it. I think its because he would rather spend his time goofing off on Minecraft that actually studying anything. I am on him like white on rice though, so I am hoping to see a grade improvement come report card time.

Bella is a hellion… Anyone who says, “Ohhh its terrible two’s” is a complete liar, or does not have any children. I have 5, Im like a total expert right? PFFT!!!! So I have noticed that its the Terrible Threes that really drive you crazy. They have to touch everything, talk 24/7, sleep like a freak of nature (when they do sleep), take naps at all hours of the day… I think I spend more time waking her up from random naps than anything else. If she happens to fall asleep then she will stay up again until 5am. YES! She has been doing this the last two days and I am going insane. Other than that, she is super smart, loves to play video games and with her brothers, and really enjoys helping me out around the house as well.

Personally, I have been involved in a few projects over the last few weeks. One really didn’t pan out as I thought it was a bit shady, but the other project is fantastic and I’m really excited to do training on Friday! I haven’t been working on my book too much because I have just been mentally drained from being stressed out and overwhelmed with #FirstWorldProblems. I am still looking for a job (that’s always been so much fun) but in the mean time I am trying to keep myself busy with industry related projects and stuff.

Rob left for PAX East on Wednesday and is due home Monday! His team places 3rd in the Infinite Crisis Amateur event and I was really happy with that placement as it was their first tourney together. They learned what they need to fix, change and hopefully you will see them continue to compete at other events. I didnt get to go to PAX East this year 😦 No job = no fun things.. See, this is why I cannot have nice things!! I am looking to do more convention work because I really miss getting to see my friends at these crazy and fun gatherings.

Gaming wise, I have been playing a lot of World of Warcraft lately. I have also been messing around with some youtube ideas and live streaming my game play from I really don’t have any viewers. It seems its just me and the bot who patrols the channel. If only someone who was popular in the industry would promote my stream.. ohh I dunno who that could be! Yeah I get a bit ticked off on that issue. Anyways, continuing forward…

Personally, I have a lot of anxiety issues that I really try to work on. This weekend has been horrible for me! I have been wrecked out of my mind, not able to eat, cant sleep properly and overwhelmed with thoughts that I cannot control! I’m out of Xanax and wishing it wasn’t Sunday so I could get more! Fear and Anxiety are a power thing and can fuck you up. It can cause you to be irrational, obsessive, and also has physical effects. My fears are my own and I have to try to overcome them, but I am trying not to leave a trail of destruction behind me as I move forward. When you deal with that and all the stresses that push your buttons, you can easily become someone you do not like when you look in the mirror. People are their own persons and will do what THEY want. You cannot change anyone, they have to change themselves. You can only choose whom to have in your life and who needs to go. With that being said, I am very grateful for my friends who are there to lend an ear, a calm word of advice or to even bitch right along with me. I will always remember everyone who has been there for me through my tough times and I love each and every one of you. Great friends are hard to come by and I cherish my friendships. Some people say that I am intimidating when they meet me, or that I come off bitchy… I really don’t care anymore. I love my friends, my family, and my kids. If ANYONE comes in between that I will seriously come out of my face and punch yours. I do have a really bad temper when it comes to people fucking with my family and if you are someone who has tried to get in between that you need to stay away from me. I don’t want to see you, talk to you or even hear your name mentioned. If you see me, walk the other way. I will NOT hesitate to knock you the fuck out!

Peace, love and hair grease.



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