Le sigh

This week has been a crazy one! First, Its Noblegarden time on WoW. I really love playing WoW but that holiday event is the worst! Theres like thousands of people camping out 1 damn egg! How am I supposed to get 500 for a mount when I have to share clicks with that many people! I am constantly yelling at my monitor in the off chance a player will actually hear me. Good news is, its almost over and children’s week will start! YUSSSSS!!!! I have 3 or 4 quests left in there to get the achievement!

I’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone as well. That game is so dang addicting! Now that its on iPad, I can play while I’m cleaning the house, doing laundry or sitting in the hallway making sure my kids stay in the bed. Ahh mom life… So, thank you Blizzard for making a game I can enjoy while being a mobile mom.

I have been spending a lot of time trying to help with Robs website. Its just supposed to be a place he can show his accomplishments and stuff for other companies to work with. I hope it helps! He has been playing a lot of IC and this Kinect sports game to try and win a trip to SDCC. I think that would be great! I have never been to SDCC and I would LOVE to go. We might head down to E3 even if we don’t get passes. There is still a lot of friends to visit and hang out with regardless. It is my favorite event though. I would be super bummed if I couldn’t make it.

Kids have been doing well. Tristan just turned 12 and Blake will be 15 tomorrow. Next week Troy turns 8! where does the time go? I have often wondered where it goes…. I definitely do not want to waste it!

I still haven’t been able to find a full time job as of yet. I have been doing a few contracted assignments over the last few months. It has helped keep us a float. I just applied to be a progression tester at Bungie so hopefully that works out! I mean come on!! Its Bungie!! Super excited and crossing every finger, toe, eyelash and limb that I can right now!

I had to cut a few people out of my life I thought were friends this week. I guess they really don’t know me or my character so its their loss. I’ve also gained a few new ones that I didn’t know I had. Those people who used to be acquaintances but always seem to have your back? In times like this they have shown me who I can rely on and trust. To not throw my name under a bus over silly gossip or accusations.

Anyways, God Bless and if you ever want to play some Hearthstone with me.. my ID is Jane#1538


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