I know I am a little late to the party here but I recently started watching Lost! I couldn’t stop for an entire season! I finished season 1 and was completely mind fucked by what was going on. All the mystery and wonder that was going on just had me hooked. I continued onto season 2 intrigued to see what was next and I felt they did a great job linking those seasons together. Now, I just finished season 3 last night and felt like… “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?” the entire season. I have learned not to really take what I am watching happen at face value or try to figure out why things are happening. Its a ride you have to let take its own course. Which I really enjoy in Television shows.

I am pretty much bed ridden due to, whatever the hell sickness I have contracted, so its onto season 4!. In summary here is what I have gathered so far…

Season 1: Where the fuck are we and what is going on with this creepy ass island.

Season 2: The Island is inhabited by a bunch of HIPPIES! The CAKE IS A LIE!!!

Season 3: Are we dead? Future, Past, I don’t even… words… none… WHAT?!?!

Until next time… ITS THE MATRIX!!! I know it!!!




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