Im such a slacker!

I didn’t even realize that the last blog I did was BEFORE E3!! How horrible am I? jeeze!!

Lets not dwell too much on tmy inadequate blogging skills.

Whats new with me? Well, I got a job.. Yes!!!!! I am the community manager for Pathfinder Online. A new Sandbox MMORPG that just went into Alpha a few weeks ago. I have been so busy trying to get to the know the community and learning everything I can about the game, that I was slacking on my blogging. Well, that doesn’t say too much since I haven’t really been consistent with it in the first place :p What can I say? When you have a family of 7 (now 8 because we adopted a “Hated Greatness”) things tend to get a little hectic.

Anyways, back to my updates…

So, Job – Check! I also got a new car! YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!! I may or may not have placed some very nerdy but awesome stickers on it… >.> I got back into MTG and went to my first “gathering” since 1998, last night! It was so much fun and I actually won a game! yussss!!!!! I also got into the Pathfinder ACG and omg I love it. We have been playing every saturday with (almost) the whole family. I can’t wait to get the rest of the adventure packs!

In other news. We have adopted “Hated” and he is staying with us for the time being. Fun times in store for sure.

Thats all I have for now. I think I’m getting the t-virus again.. I wish it would just stay or go. Every week I looks like a zombie and since weed is legal in this state now, I think everyone looks at me like I’m high.. I swear I think I’d rather be high than have this allergy annoyance. My eyes burn, feel weird, ache and NO ITS NOT PINK EYE. I have already been to the Dr like 10 times. Its allergies. Maybe its mold in my house.. omg… I’m going to have to search for it and then call the apartment owners… what if it causes permanent damage to my bwwaaiiinnss??



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