Make a Difference

I had three pages written on my gaming life and how nerdy could one possible get until I started listening to an inspiring video on youtube. It’s not anything super special or even meant to be inspiring… but something about this video made me think. How would it feel to be so inspiring to others? Everyone in this audience is there to listen to the music and have a great time. People are not there saying that his mix’s suck, people are not participating because his lights happen to have a green hue and it’s supposed to be red. There are just a bunch of people having a great time together and the energy in that place must be insane. I am tired of people being so damn negative. All I saw today was troll posts and bitching about Apple’s announcements. Every day there are comments about #GamerGate and peoples personal lives. Who gives a fuck?!?!?!?! Go do something meaningful with your life. Instead of sitting around on social media all day trying to make other people’s lives miserable, or spouting out that its freedom of speech to say your opinion… FUCKING GREAT!!! Now shut the fuck up and go home! Oh wait, I forgot that you are a sociopath and it’s your life’s mission to make people miserable and gain control! Not me, you lose here!

If negative comments or people are bringing you down, unplug and go do something meaningful. Make a difference. Even if it’s a small one… it’s still a difference.


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