Weird dreams

Do you ever have those dreams that wake you up from a nice sleep?

I was going to be attending a video game event with Rob, Quinn, Stephen, Tony, Bob, and a few other people I can’t remember now. Anyways, we were going over seas to some Asian location and when we got there a guy from work let me borrow his camero! I was driving people to and from the event int his car and there was this one off ramp that seemed unused but not shut down. I took the the off ramp and noticed that there were card passing me super fast from a starting location unknown! I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed they were coming from another ramp behind me and flying over this HUGE gap to land on the platform I was on. I slammed on my breaks because the platform was curved upwards on both end! Was I expected to make the next jump to get out of there… Ohh no! There were cars on the platform in front of me facing my direction! They all started rev ing their engines ready to come at me! I turned sideways and backed up against the wall to the side and I heard some one with Russian accent screaming in poor, broken English! The side of the wall opened up and I backed the car in. I was on a turntable type platform and my car turned about 90 degrees to face a small single lane that looked like it was made of wooden planks hovering over an ocean and at least a few hundred foot drop. There was no engine in the front of the car so he opened it and there was a 20 gallon soft bag that was acting as the gas can! It reminded me of the inside of my carpet shampooer. Anyways, there was a rip by the cap and I was leaking gas. He filled it up and said I would have no problems as long as I didn’t touch it. He let me off on my way but said I had to drive In a straight line. Seriously??? I have to drive across that thing??? I managed to slowly make it across the single wooden lane and feel completely nauseated from the experience.

We were finally on solid ground and the streets were full of people. I assumed we were in the downtown area. There were thousands of people walking about in funny cones shape hats that were made of straw. Their clothes seemed simple and hand sewn. I had to drive super slow just so I wouldn’t run anyone over.

The next thing I knew we were in this location that was kind of like an indoor mall with several floors and escalators. In stead of stores though, there were rooms for different video gaming companies. I found Rob at the street fighter area. They were giving away custom street fighter trading cards with your face on them for waiting in line and getting your photo taken in a booth. I was standing around with Quinn and he was saying that the gas tank was no big deal and unbeknownst to me, it was super cheap to fix. Rob got his playing card finally and he put it in his backpack and took off to a different location. Apparently he hadn’t seen us and even though I tried calling his name he couldn’t hear me. I followed through the crowd looking for the taller guy with the faux hawk.. Mainly because everyone there was shorter and I could see over then and try to follow Rob. He was getting too far ahead though and I lost him in the crowd. I was frustrated and a little scared because I didn’t know anyone around me. I tried to push faster and harder to catch up to where I last saw him. I climbed up onto a trash can and looked in the crowd to try and spot him amidst the masses. I finally caught a glimpse of his hair and jumped down and started shoving my way in that direction.

I started noticing people’s faces were different. They were deformed and almost demon looking. I thought I was just imaging it because I could only tell if I wasn’t looking directly at them. I started to panic inside but I talked myself out of believing what I was seeing. I pushed harder and ran faster until I hear a woman scream and the crowd started to disperse infront of me. It was like they were making a path. I slowed down and started walking towards the thinning area ahead and saw Rob tied to some kind of stone altar. He way laying flat with his head turned towards me and a look of terror on his face. He looked away and stared up into the sky then shut his eyes. At that same moment a huge demon rose from the ground. It was all black with whisks of green smoke trailing from its nose. The smoke seemed to move in and out as the beast was breathing. It’s skin looked like weathered torn leather and there were a lot of scars and old wounds that had obviously healed. It’s eyes glowed red with fire as it stared at my husband and then at the crowd.

It was like time slowed down! I saw a glint of light come from the demons hand and saw it was holding a sword in its long, skinny, withered fingers. I swear this thing smirked at me as it raised the sword with two hand over its head. I knew what was going to happen but I couldn’t move! The crowd started cheering and the demon took his sword and pushed it down into Robs chest. He cried out and then fell limp while he coughed up blood. The crowd started to cheer and then went silent. As if In unison they all slowly turned to look at me. Hot tears burned down my face and I could not take my eyes of what just happened to my husband. I was taken by the crowd and tied to my own altar. The demon raised his sword and as it was coming down towards my chest I turned to look at Rob. He was the only thing I wanted to see before I died. I could feel the hard steel slowly pierce my chest and started coughing up blood after it had filled my lungs.

I sat up in bed coughing up all kinds of phlegm that had made it way into my chest as I was sleeping. I was sweating and had the chills. I’m now sitting here with my heart beating so loud that I can feel it in my ears! My pajamas are damp from sweat and I feel sick to my stomach!

I hate bad dreams!!!!


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