Work out? What’s that?

Let me start off by saying that this is my year! A year of new beginnings. A year full of loving myself and being a better person. A year for loving others how they should be loved. A year full of memories I can forever hold in my heart. A year to get my body, mind and soul in sync.

Which brings me to this blog.

I have been struggling with weight issues since I left the military. Not getting up every morning plus 5 kids, has really had an impact on my body. I have a few health issues that prevent me from just going all out and buying a popular work out routine like p90x or anything else of that nature. For one, I cannot get my heart rate over 97. Doctors had me on a heart monitor and when I tried to get a personal trainer at 24 hour fitness, this is what was on my approval letter. The other issue is my hips! It constantly feels like they are coming out of their socket!!!! So, as you can see I’m kind of stuck on what I can do to drop the pounds!

I am getting an elliptical machine in the next week or so to help with some low impact cardio but I feel like I need something else. I thought about yoga but I don’t know enough about it and don’t want to go to a public place to do it.

Does anyone know any good exercises or core building techniques I can do that are not high impact? I’ve got the water drinking down to a science now and the healthy eating getting better! I just need to step it up a bit with out killing myself! In open to suggestions or help with this!!! Please let me know what you think!



11 thoughts on “Work out? What’s that?

  1. I have been working with a Bowflex that I picked up on craigslist. You can find one pretty cheap because when people don’t use them, they are just in the way. There are lots of youtube video’s on how to use them. Resistance exercise is awesome for women and the kids might enjoy it too.

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