Sometimes its hard not to be cynical when your generosity has lead to the following:

You let someone stay in your home:
For 7 months you get a total of 80 dollars as contribution but they are able to buy a new XB1, PS4 and 3DS XL.
Find out they spanked your children while you were at work.
They steal your child’s only jacket.
They steal your luggage.
They never shower or get off your couch so you have to throw it away because there is no amount of Febreeze to get that smell out.
For free several times during Events, drive them to and from the convention, drive them to the air port, and then they charge you to stay with them.

You let someone use your car and:
Your progressive insurance tracker reports 38 hard breaks and speeds in excess of 80 MPH.
They use your car door inner handle as an ashtray.
They sprinkle the interior with garbage and loose leaf tobacco.
They use the trunk as a personal closet space.

I have a kind heart and love to help people but, I am never letting anyone live in my home ever again. Free loading ass hats can stay unemployed and homeless. Its not my problem anymore.


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