It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Last night I gave the boys new haircuts! They turned out rather well! Today we took Bella and Troy to their new school, but they had no desks ready so we were told to come back tomorrow. Bella was a little bummed as this was her first day of school ever!! She didn’t go to kindergarten due to an issue with her birth cert and it took almost a year to get it fixed.

Anyways, After we left the elementary school, we headed over to the middle school for Gabe. He was assigned his own locker (no sharing since he was enrolled a week late) and he is super excited about that. He is also going to continue playing the cello this year. The cool thing about this school is that Orchestra is actually every single day! Last year they only had it available twice a week. We did return his 3/4 size but I am hoping he is big enough now to use my full size. I also have a violin for him to use if he wants to do that instead. I think its important to keep him going on this. Its an invaluable thing that he can use later on in life.. I mean, come on… who thinks playing the cello is a BAD thing? When hes 20 or 30 and able to bust out some awesome 2 cello’s rendition of Beat It…. yeah.. he’s going to be the coolest dude ever!!


Tristan is too cool for school pics this year! I guess 9th grade = no pics!! I’ll try to sneak one in!!! I had to call his school this morning and make an appointment for him to get his schedule and talk to a counselor. I’m taking him over there today to get everything set up! He is super excited to start high school! He even gets a free Metro card so get to school and back. I think that’s awesome because I don’t have to drive him :p

In other news, we are moving again in a few weeks! The permanent place is super cute! Its small… but adorable. I don’t think we’ll be able to take the couch though. It’s really NOT going to fit in the living room 😦 Especially when we need to fit two streaming set ups in the new place. The bedrooms are very small as well, but the people here were nice enough to order us another bunk bed so Bella and Troy can share a room!


That’s all for now! I have a ton more to talk about but I have to run Tristan to the High School now!





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