PAX West 2016


Master Chief stopped by the Halo Wars 2 booth to check out some game play!

PAX has always been one of my favorite events. I’ve been attending since it was a little ol’ thing back in 2006. Now its a power house convention with over 90,000 people in attendance and taking over all of the convention center floors and most of the hotels downtown. It has spread like wild fire. In fact, it has gotten so big, they now have PAX East, PAX South and PAX Australia! It’s nutz right?

This year we spent the majority of our time just checking things out we have been wanting to see and replaying things we liked at E3. Cake stayed at our place this time around and it was cool to see someone experience PAX West for the first time. We sped around in Uber cars… one of which almost took Robs leg off! Played DDR at gameworks and I stayed home while the guys went out every night. I think I am getting too old for the Party scene. It just doesn’t hold my interest anymore. I’d rather stay at home with the kids, take a bath, watch some TV, or work on crafts or my book. (Yes, I am still writing my book). Anyways, Bella had a blast and actually cried on Sunday when we didn’t take her again.


Rob and Bella (AKA Louise) touring the show floor and stopping for pics!


Rob showing Blake one of the classics.

I picked up Blake Saturday night so he could attend on Sunday. Again, it was a fun filled
day of just hanging out and walking the show floor. He wanted to try Gears of War, but we didn’t get to sneak into the line in time. We checked out For Honor, South Park, and a really cool Goonies adventure card game (which we got and are planning on playing it soon). Blake went home Monday morning and we ended up just staying at home. I really think 4 days of a con is too much! There was really nothing left to see and we had already said Hi to everyone we wanted to. We did go out to eat at the Crab Pot though! That’s like one of my favorite places to eat!

Anyways, If you guys would like to see a little video I made about the experience you can check it out here! PAX WEST – 2016 Video Don’t forget to like and sub if you’d like 🙂


Did you attend PAX WEST? What was your favorite thing there? Is 4 days too much? I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you enjoyed.



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