Near Sharts and Missing Kids!

76771891_200x200_padToday started out a little exciting! Bella and Troy were able to start today so Rob and I drove them to school. Gabe walked this morning so he left early to get there in time. When we got to the Elementary school there was no parking, so I just told Rob to get out and take them in. As they were getting out of the car I felt this sudden sickness and by sudden sickness, I mean… I had to use the bathroom ASAP! I practically kicked them out of the car and drove to Fred Meyers at speeds in excess to MOCK 10 (Our local grocery store) and ran in to use the bathroom. Rob was texting me and asking where I was. I kind of played it off like I was driving around the block because there was no parking… >.> I am so thankful I made it to the bathroom!!!! Things could have been very bad if I didn’t.

After that, I drove Tristan to his school, dropped him off and came home. I was so excited that for the 1st time in 17 years.. I was sitting at home with no kids! I didn’t know what to do with myself. I sat at my computer contemplation all the things I could do.. but not really deciding on what I should do or deciding on .. well… anything. That kind of wore me out so I took a nap instead. I woke up around 1:40 to get the kids from school. Bella actually cried and didn’t want to come home. That was a first for me as well. After that, we drove to pick up Tristan from school and then back home again.

3ija-11n-3Gabe should have been home by the time we got back… however, he wasn’t and I started to worry. I waited out front of the building and there is a clear shot for about 5 or 6 blocks. I saw NO ONE on the sidewalk at all. It was already an hour past the time school got out and no Gabe to be seen. I called his school and they told me he had made it TO school and he was actually early enough to have breakfast and the counselor saw him leave. So where was he? I quickly hopped in the car and drove the .8 miles to the school. Its a pretty straight shot with only one turn you have to make. I didn’t see him anywhere. As soon as I pulled into the school parking lot I called 911. It was now two hours after school let out and still no Gabe.

I was a blubbering mess on the phone. Having to give your child’s description to a 911 operator is terrible. I couldn’t stop thinking about what a terrible mother I was because I couldn’t remember the color of his shirt. The operator told me to stay where I was and they would send someone to me. They also sent a patrol out to look for Gabe. About 20 minutes later I was a crying mess in my  car. Makeup smeared into the resemblance of a raccoon and all my foundation was wiped away. My phone rang and the dispatcher told me they found my son. He was 4 blocks away from home and they had picked him up and were taking him to the apartment. I called Rob to make sure he was downstairs because our place is gated and you cant get in unless you have a key.

I was so glad that someone had found him and yet surprised I wasn’t angry at him. Gabe isn’t really the type of kid to run off, go to a friends, or do anything that would make me worry in any way. Hes always been the helper around the house and genuinely cares about peoples feelings. I mean the kid doesn’t even talk back to me… ever! I drove home and he met me at the gate! He was crying and saying he was so sorry. He had gotten lost. He never took the 1 turn to get onto our street. He was walking around our neighborhood for almost two hours! I told him to go into a store next time and ask someone or even approach a police officer and let them know. He told me he was just so determined to show me he could make it home with out needing my help that he didn’t even think of that.

We got everything sorted out and now we wait for tomorrow. He wants to try again but now I am paranoid. I wish I could drive them all to school, but its impossible with kids going to every school and they all start at the same time. Tristan’s school is 5 miles away and he doesn’t get his free metro card until next Tuesday. I just cant wait to get into our new place so Gabe is able to take the school bus! Then we wont have this problem!!

So yeah, that was my Thursday! Almost shit my pants and lost a kid. How was yours??





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