Too Faced – The Power of Makeup by Nikkietutorials. #nikkie4toofaced #toofaced


This is the first collaboration collection I have purchased. You can purchase it from Too Faced or Sephora for $56 (retail value $209). I have been very impressed with Too Faced lately and if you have read my past blogs, I have been reviewing a lot of the Christmas in New York Holiday 2016 collection. However, for this one, there were a few things I didn’t like.

What you get:

  • Full size Sketch Marker in Black
  • Small pot of glitter
  • Deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara in PURPLE!! YES PURPLE!!!
  • Deluxe 24 hour Shadow Insurance
  • Cute reusable foil like bag (zip lock closure)
  • 9 eye shadow shades
  • 2 Love Flush Long-Lasting Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Bronzer

Here you can see the items that come in the little foil like bag. Glitter pot,  deluxe BTS in Purple, Full size Sketch Marker in Black and a deluxe Shadow Insurance.


The palette itself is adorable. Its compact for travel and comes with everything you need for several looks. Of course, it also smells like chocolate, which is one of the things I LOVE about Too Faced.


The eye shadow shades looked very pigmented and had a nice variety with some pops of color.


The Blush colors are actually quite nice and I love Chocolate Soleil Bronzer.


Ivy has been a good base color and I have enjoyed Painkiller and Makeup & Chill. However, Frosted Yum doesn’t do a very good job at highlighting the inner corners of your eyes and I have to use a lot to build it up.


Mystic Hour and Wham Bam are awesome for pops of color. If you want an even bigger pop, either apply them wet or over a black base. The Blush colors, I Will Always Love You and Justify My Love are really beautiful and a little goes a LONG way. The negative is Champagne Truffle. I am about as white as white can be and this color doesn’t even show on my face. You can barely see it on my arm here and This was a HUGE negative on this palette.


The purple BTS Mascara is one of my favorite things and I wish Too Faced would make us a full size! The glitter is beautiful but could have been milled a little more for a softer feel.

If you are looking for a lot of products at a great price, then this would be perfect. Its also a great starter palette as it comes with so many things to give yourself a complete look. If you are wanting to get your glow on, then I would recommend you try some other products out. I have really enjoyed the Let It Glow kit and have been using that for my highlight instead.

What do you think of this collection? Do you like it? Do you own it? Let me know in the comments below.



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