Jobless, Homeless and Trying to Survive – A Peek Into What Really Happened.


Today I am trying to pack up whatever is left in this place! We got the keys to the house on Thursday and are officially moving on Monday! I am so exited that we are finally going to be in a permanent place and not be homeless anymore.

To back things up a bit, I was let go from Microsoft back in April. I had just come back from PAX East and was wandering around the halls of our new building looking for a screwdriver. My boss pulled me into her office and asked if I had read my email yet. I hadn’t yet because my office was in box’s and I was trying to set up asap so I could get right back into work. Little did I know, that as soon as I returned home, I was going to be let go.

It was a really tough thing for me to go through. Everyday that I would go into work, I would be in awe that I actually worked there. Seeing people like Josh Kerwin, Major Nelson, and Phil Spencer never ceased to amaze me. Not only did I put in my hours at work, but I spent countless hours at night on twitch chatting with content creators and making them feel loved by Microsoft Studios. I never told them who I was, I just chatted and had fun on the studios name. I didn’t take this job to promote myself or take countless amounts of selfies and post them on my own Instagram or twitter. Self promotion was never something I even cared about. Wanting the studio to be successful and to have the community see us as an approachable entity was my goal. But, when you see other people taking credit for your work and others shamelessly kissing ass to get ahead, really made me depressed.

My entire trip to PAX East was for myself. I purchased my own plane tickets, got a hotel and was not going for work. After the first day, I noticed that no one was posting anything to social media! I called my boss and offered to do it! I spent the whole weekend taking pictures, tweeting the fans and asking what they wanted to see, and writing recap blogs at the end of each day. I also made contact with a lot of people from Discord and Revlo who wanted to help us with customizing stuff for our twitch channel. We all know how that worked out… Being as I wasn’t employed when I got back, nothing came to fruition.

Fast forward a few months and money was really tight. Going from making $27 an hour to $330 a week was really disheartening. I applied at a bunch of places and was not getting very far in the interview process. There seemed to always be someone younger and cheaper than me who got the job. Rent started to fall behind so I went to the VA Office to see if there was anything they could do to help. Luckily, I qualified for assistance and they paid our apartment complex $4k to keep us in the apartment and prevent us from being evicted. Everything was taken care of and I had hoped that this trip to E3 would really be a stepping stone for me to make more connections and try to get a job.

While Rob, Cake (our friend) and I were driving to L.A., our babysitter texted us with a picture of a note that had been left on our door. It was a 20 day notice for a Termination of Tenancy. I was confused, to say the least, as to why they would put this on our door when the VA office had just paid them $4k. I tried to call them but there was no answer. Resorting to e-mails, I was told that they did not have to give us a reason, this was not an eviction but Washington state law says they have the right to do this with at least 20 days notice. To say I was stressed out, is a complete understatement!

I spent the majority of my time at E3 trying to solve this situation. I notified the VA office of what happened and they were very upset. They cancelled the funds and demanded the money back. When we got home, I spent all my waking hours trying to find us a new place to live. We were supposed to be out of the place by June 30th and I only had 10 days left to figure something out. I reached out to everyone I could and applied at a bunch of apartments. Money was running very thing though. Each application cost money and I was using almost all of my unemployment to cover these costs.

We were now past the 30th of June and STILL had no where to go. I ended up calling a place in Seattle who said they had one three bedroom shelter available but I needed a referral from the VA. I immediately got to work on it and within 30 days we were placed in a program for homeless vet families. I will never be more thankful to anyone, than the people that helped us! We moved in July 31st and are moving out on October 4th! We were placed in a permanent home and our entire family could not have done it with out the help from the VA and the wonderful people at LIHI!

The process had been a tough one though. I am still unemployed, I had to get rid of one of my cats, and the lady that was boarding our dog took him to the shelter with out notifying me until after she had already done so. 😦 On the positive side, I have had a ton of time to spend with my kids, decided to go back to school to be a professional makeup artist, and having a blast with my husband. I realized who my friends are and who just doesn’t give a shit. Yes, I do get bored, a lot of our dinners consist of ramen and sandwiches, I have to return my car, my unemployment is running out and I’m still jobless, yet I remain hopeful… because everything DOES happen for a reason.



3 thoughts on “Jobless, Homeless and Trying to Survive – A Peek Into What Really Happened.

  1. Hello Bonnie! I am Tiffany (aka) TR1N1TYxWARR10R in the gaming world😎🤘🏽 🎮 . After reading about your journey, You are a freakin warrior and such an inspiration woman! Don’t ever forget that. Every test that you and Rob have faced together, are the trials that will continue to help you both grow, face and continue to conquer life’s obstacles as a family. Together. A family who will come out strong and on top each and everyday. Everything that us humans go through in life trial wise makes us stronger! God does the rest and continues to provide always! Everything will come together again. As Rob would always say “That’s a definite” Lol I am aware that I don’t know you both personally, but I have faith in the both of you Bonnie, Robert (aka) ProdigyX. Keep your heads up and Stay Priceless Bonnie! ❤️ #StayStrong -Love Tiffany V. (aka) TR1N1TYxWARR10R #Praying

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