Work in Progress – My Room!


Happy Hump day!!! Most of you know that we have recently moved to a new house! I have taken over the dining room and turned it into something of a stream, video, crafty, makeup room! Here are just a few pics of what I have so far.


My old desk that I Mod Podged with comic books! I already don’t like this location and will be moving it to the opposite wall!


My streaming/video desk. The movers broke it so I have to get a new one. I will be getting the 5 drawer Alexa ( I think ) drawers from Ikea and a table topper. Right now this thing moves around just from typing and I’m afraid all my stuff will fall over. Missing is the box lights and tripod for my Canon Rebel T6i and my better webcam. I also need to get a new green screen to complete the room.


Then finally we have the shelves I just got from Fred Meyers. They are cool because you can stack them and adjust the shelves how you want. I have a lot of my collectibles, books, art supplies, school stuff and things I have made here. I need to get one more to stack and I will be moving these to the opposite wall to open up the kitchen a bit more. 

Anyways, Just something short and sweet for today! I will be posting my Sephora Haul blog later this week! I got some good stuff to show off! I’m in the process of building my Freelance kit so I keep going back to buy a few things at a time. Hopefully I can get this completed sooner rather than later. Otherwise I will have to wait till tax season to complete my kit. Which really sucks because I want to move onto Unit B (in school), but I will have a hard time with a spotty kit!

Do you have your own area in your house? Do you prefer to be in the mix of things or have a quiet space of your own? Let me know in the comments below!



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