Life update!


I know I haven’t posted a blog in a few weeks. The last few weeks have been a little depressing for me. I had to reschedule my interview at Sephora last week and it was supposed to be on Tuesday instead of the previous Friday. Well, Monday (The day before the interview) I got an email from them saying they have passed on me and went with someone else who better fit their needs. *sad face* I am super bummed as I really wanted to at least have the opportunity to interview and try to gain some experience in the color world. I did complete my second interview with Amazon and was told I was being recommended for the in-person interview! YAY! I haven’t heard anything back yet or a date, but I am hopeful.

In other news, I am currently prepping for my mua kit blog/video. I have taken lots of pics and recorded some footage but I cant decide on which route I want to take it. I plan on including prices and information on where you can get things. I haven’t even started Unit B with school yet. I was waiting to get my kit completed. The only thing I am missing is my chair. I don’t really feel like bending over to do someones makeup all the time! I found a really nice MUA directors chair on amazon that I am thinking of picking up.

This is my last week of unemployment and the job search has proven to be very exhausting. The video gaming industry is very hard to get into when you’re trying to get a Community Management position. I have been very lucky in the past to be given opportunities at places and I am forever grateful for the experience. However, A lot of these jobs are contract only. I need a full time permanent position! I have kids to feed and take care of.

Our washing machine has only done one load in 23 days and I am completely out of clean laundry. Now, before you all start telling me about laundry mats…. I am well aware they exist and that I could probably just call an Uber and have them take me… But, I have been really sick lately and haven’t been able to go anywhere. I did manage to take a quick trip to Ulta last week, but I cant go sit for two hours at a laundry mat and wait for my clothes. I also, don’t want to leave them there unattended :(. I am still waiting for the new washer to be delivered! Hopefully it will be this week!

Kids are good! Kids will be kids and I’ve enjoyed watching them do so well in this new school district. The old one was very bad! They all love going to school and Its been weird having a quiet house all day.

Makeup problems! I have been having an issue with my foundation. It seems to separate and want to just run all over my face. I think my skin might be a tad bit more oily than I thought it was. I am planning on picking up some Urban Decay, but, I heard it oxidizes so I need to go try it in a store before I purchase it. I will let you guys know how that goes! I am super excited for Wednesday as my new BH Cosmetics and MAC order comes in!!

Hope you have all had a great week and an awesome weekend!



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