Foundation Problems!!! Help!!

Happy February! I know I haven’t posted a video or a blog in a while! The winter sickness seems to have hit my whole family like a plague! I plan on doing more soon! I’ve got it all scheduled in my planner <3. Anyways, Here is a video I posted a little while ago about my foundation problems! I am still looking for a solution and have ordered some new products to see if it helps.


Life update!


I know I haven’t posted a blog in a few weeks. The last few weeks have been a little depressing for me. I had to reschedule my interview at Sephora last week and it was supposed to be on Tuesday instead of the previous Friday. Well, Monday (The day before the interview) I got an email from them saying they have passed on me and went with someone else who better fit their needs. *sad face* I am super bummed as I really wanted to at least have the opportunity to interview and try to gain some experience in the color world. I did complete my second interview with Amazon and was told I was being recommended for the in-person interview! YAY! I haven’t heard anything back yet or a date, but I am hopeful.

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