Foundation Problems!!! Help!!

Happy February! I know I haven’t posted a video or a blog in a while! The winter sickness seems to have hit my whole family like a plague! I plan on doing more soon! I’ve got it all scheduled in my planner <3. Anyways, Here is a video I posted a little while ago about my foundation problems! I am still looking for a solution and have ordered some new products to see if it helps.


100 Days of Makeup Challenge


Happy December! A few days ago I decided to do the 100 days of makeup challenge in order to really get myself dedicated to this new venture. I will be posting a new makeup picture on instagram every day for 100 days! Crazy right? Well, I needed some motivation to push my limits and come up with some creative ideas for makeup.

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Fall Glam Look | Too Faced The Power of Makeup by NikkiTutorials


Happy Black Friday everyone! I’m staying at home today and decided to share my latest YouTube video! If you haven’t already checked it out, then head on over to my YouTube channel and let me know what you think.

Fall Glam Look | Too Faced The Power of Makeup by NikkiTutorials

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